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Ray Pines, a family lawyer in Tampa works with those who need legal assistance with their divorce, child custody, alimony, adoption and child support.

A DUI conviction on your record can have serious repercussions; higher insurance premiums, special classes, loss of driver's license and more. Don't attempt to represent yourself, a qualified drunk driving attorney can save you thousands. Contact Eric Nelson in Minnesota for an initial consultation.

Lampert & Walsh a Denver accident attorney provides representation to those who have been the victim of an car, truck or motorcycle accident.

One of the best criminal attorney in Denver is John Barnett and he can help you fight for your rights before you go to court and while in trial with experience and credentials that matter.

Murphy & Price, LLP, a Baltimore criminal attorney, provides strong defense for those who have been charged with crimes in Baltimore, MD.

A Tampa family lawyer provides legal counsel to individuals and families dealing with paternity, pre-nuptials, divorce, child custody and other issues.

Consult a Philadelphia criminal attorney to begin the defense process if you are facing criminal charges in Pennsylvania.

Contact a criminal defense attorney Paul Grant to begin the defense process and protect your right, if you are facing criminal charges in Salt Lake City

If you are in New York and injured in a accident, it’s important to contact a New York criminal lawyer. You should be entitled to fair compensation.

A Houston DWI attorney can help you fight the criminal charges that have been brought against you if ever in Houston, Texas.