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Sex Crimes in Washington

If you've been accused of a sexual crime you may feel as if you have been tried and found guilty before you have had the opportunity to defend yourself. Not only is your reputation at stake, your family relationships, friendships and career could be severely damaged. Convictions can lead to imprisonment, hefty fines, restitution, court ordered counseling, community service and the mandatory Sex Offender Registration that will put you in the spotlight for the rest of your life.

Those are dismal prospects but it doesn’t have to end that way if you have the right Seattle sex crimes criminal attorney on your side. If you are facing any of the sex crime charges on the following list, it would be in your best interest to contact the law offices of in Washington State as soon as possible.

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If you believe you have been wrongly suspected of a sex crime or you have just made one bad decision, a Tacoma / Seattle sex crimes criminal attorney of the law offices of can guide you towards a successful conclusion to your case. Our skilled attorneys have the experience and the resources to effectively defend you.

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