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Malicious Mischief Defense Lawyer in Seattle

Any willful destruction of property is considered to be malicious mischief, whether it involves graffiti, vandalism or defacing an ex’s property. Whether a teenager spray-painted on their school or a jealous boyfriend keyed his girlfriend’s car, the criminal charges are the same. If you have been charged with malicious mischief, please contact a Seattle criminal attorney from our offices.

Whenever someone intentionally destroys the property of another person, they are committing malicious mischief. If your crime defense in Tacoma, Washington can show the damage was accidental, you may be able to avoid conviction all together. In some situations, when the issue involves a couple, your Seattle criminal lawyer may be able to prove the property destroyed was actually your own property, not that of your significant other.

Our Seattle Criminal Attorney May Get Your Charges Reduced

In malicious mischief cases, the severity of the crime is determined based on the value of the property damaged. In these crimes, a matter of a few dollars can mean the difference between a ten-year maximum sentence for first degree criminal mischief and a five-year maximum sentence for a second degree charge. With this in mind, it is easy to see how important it can be for your Seattle criminal lawyer to be able to adequately argue the minimal value for the property damage you are accused of. If he can show your property damage costs no more than $250 to replace, your crime will only be a misdemeanor charge rather than a felony.

If you have been accused of malicious mischief, please call a Seattle criminal attorney from our firm today.