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Computer Crimes Defense Lawyer in Seattle

Computer crimes are hard for the Seattle criminal attorney, the prosecutor and the investigator because all three of these people need to fully understand technology and the laws involving the search and seizure of computer files in order to properly due their jobs. Many aspects of the law regarding computer technologies have yet to be completely flushed out and properly developed. Because some police officers are still not properly trained in cyber search and seizure laws, the evidence in computer crime cases is often invalid and cannot be used against you. Without a Seattle criminal lawyer experienced in these matters though, you may not be able to use this fact to your advantage.

When you are accused of a computer crime, the prosecution must prove that you were the one doing the illegal activity. This means not only tracing the evidence to your internet connection, even just to your computer, but proving that you were actually the one using the computer at the time the crime occurred. When you work with a Seattle computer crimes attorney from our firm, we will emphasize the fact that you are innocent until proven guilty. If the prosecution cannot prove you were using your computer to commit the illegal activity, you cannot be convicted.

There are many different types of crimes that can take place on the computer. Some also occur in the off-line world, like extortion, while some only exist on the internet, like hacking. Because there are so many crimes that can be committed on a computer, it is advisable to speak with your Seattle criminal lawyer if you have any specific questions about the possible sentencing for the crimes you have been accused of.

Our office has been trained on every aspect of computer crime law. If we don’t know something about the issue involved, we are always willing to bring in an expert in the field. Cases we have successfully provided a crime defense in Seattle, Washington include: