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Assault and Battery Defense Attorney in Tacoma, Washington

If you have been charged with assault, you may be facing some serious jail time. Fortunately, a Seattle criminal attorney can help you fight your charges or negotiate your sentence so it is greatly reduced.

Assault is charged as one of four degrees. The most serious charge is the first degree, which can result in life imprisonment. Second degree assault carries a maximum of ten years in prison. Both first and second degree assault charges count as a strike on your record, which means after a few other strikes, you may be put in prison for the rest of your life without the option of parole.

Third degree assault charges are also felonies, but they will not result in a strike on your record and will leave you in prison for a maximum of five years. Forth degree assault is a gross misdemeanor, which can leave you in jail for a year.

Fortunately the definitions of injuries distinguishing a first degree charge from a third degree charge are very poorly defined. The law says “bodily harm” should be charged as a third degree offense and “great bodily harm” is a first degree offense. Even if you have no chance of proving your innocence, your Seattle criminal lawyer can work to have your charges be no more than a third degree.

Other defenses may help your Seattle criminal attorney as well. For example, if you can prove you were operating in self defense, you will always be found innocent. Your crime defense in Tacoma, Washington will interview witnesses and review surveillance tapes to prove you were only acting to protect yourself.

Additionally, if you have an anger management issue, your Seattle criminal lawyer may be able to enter you into counseling in order to minimize your potential penalties in the court.

If you were accused of assault and battery, call the Law Firm of Seattle criminal lawyer today to discuss your charges.