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Juvenile Crimes in Washington

If your son or daughter is being accused of juvenile delinquency charges in Seattle, the immediate intervention by an experienced Seattle juvenile crimes criminal lawyer can often prevent a case from proceeding to juvenile court or lessen the potential serious consequences of juvenile detention. Call our law offices to speak with an experienced Seattle juvenile crimes criminal lawyer and learn how we can help in your child’s case.

Juvenile delinquency charges can have a long lasting impact on your child’s life. The consequences can be far more serious than one may think. Depending on the charges, the prosecutors, and the judge your child could be tried as an adult and face even higher penalties. That’s why it is imperative that you seek the legal help of a good Seattle criminal attorney.

At our law offices, we focus our practice in criminal defense for both adult and minors. Our criminal defense attorneys have years of experience representing young people in juvenile courts, hearings, and adult court systems. We work diligently to defend our clients and obtain favorable results. In some cases, we are able to negotiate plea bargains, minimize charges, or obtain a not guilty verdict.

A Seattle juvenile crimes criminal lawyer from our law firm is prepared to defend your child against the following juvenile criminal charges:

Our Seattle Criminal Lawyer Understands the Sensitivity of Juvenile Crime Charges

Whether your child is innocent or just made a bad decision, a good Seattle criminal lawyer can help prove your child’s innocence or workout a plea bargain to avoid maximum punishment. At the Law Firm of , we will handle your child’s case with the utmost importance, sensitivity and attention it needs to pursue a positive outcome.

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