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Tacoma Criminal Attorney for Fraud Defense

If someone obtains some type of property, title or money through the use of deception, they have committed fraud. Because deception is such a deceptive word though, it is not uncommon for a person to feel they were defrauded when the suspected perpetrator does not feel he has done anything wrong or dishonest. If you have been accused of fraud, please contact a Seattle criminal lawyer as soon as possible.

Fraud can be committed in all number of ways and without knowing the specific situation, it is impossible to say precisely what punishments someone convicted of the crime may face. In most cases, the crime is a felony though and those convicted will face imprisonment and massive fines. If you have any questions about your specific case, please call our offices and speak with a Seattle criminal attorney.

Depending on the way the fraud was committed, it may be charged as a federal or state offense. If the crime involved telephone, internet or mail services, it will likely be charged as wire fraud and be handled in the federal courts. If you are accused of healthcare or mortgage fraud, your case could be handled at either court level.

Our Seattle Criminal Lawyer Looks for Flaws in the Evidence

Your Seattle criminal lawyer will be required to examine the specific details of the case against you and look for any holes in the prosecution’s evidence as well as any violations of your rights during the investigation process. Any evidence associate with rights violations should be suppressed from the trial and if we find any holes in the case, we will rip these holes apart to show just how weak the case against you is.

For those who wish to plead guilty, we will be right there for them to help negotiate the strongest possible plea bargain.

If you have been accused of fraud, please call our offices today and schedule your initial consultation with a top Seattle criminal attorney.