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Embezzlement is a theft crime committed by an employee, volunteer, or other trusted official. Being charged with embezzlement often indicates that there is enough evidence to convict you.  But if you are facing such a charge, all hope is not lost.  Contact one of our Seattle embezzlement criminal attorneys today to hear how we may be able to help your case.

At our Seattle criminal defense firm, we are dedicated to protecting the rights of the accused. Each case is handled by an experienced Tacoma / Seattle embezzlement criminal attorney.

Our Seattle Criminal Attorney Can Help You

Like other white collar crime cases, embezzlement cases often come down to evidence and facts. We review the charges, investigate the scene, question witnesses, examine evidence, and create a strong defense. In some cases, we are able to negotiate plea bargains or minimize charges. In other cases, we are able to obtain a not guilty verdict or have the case dismissed.

Our firm has helped numerous people faced with state or federal criminal charges including first time and repeat offenders. No matter what your situation may be, we will do what’s necessary to pursue the results you need. Contact our law offices in Washington State to speak with a qualified Seattle criminal attorney today.