Seattle Criminal Attorney

Seattle DUI Lawyer

Whether you are arrested for drunk driving at a routine traffic stop or at the scene of an accident, being charged with any type of DUI offense demands that speak with an experienced Seattle DUI criminal lawyer before making any statement to police or prosecutors.

The consequences of a conviction for any DUI crime are serious in Washington State. You may face incarceration, fines, the loss of your license, or even the forfeiture of your vehicle in some cases.

There are many defense for DUI cases, even those where the offender’s BAC test results were high or above the legal limit of .08%.  You need a skilled Seattle DUI criminal lawyer who knows the law and understands the technicalities that can get your case thrown out of court before it reaches the jury.

The Tacoma Law Firm of Seattle’s Criminal Attorney, in Washington State, is composed of skilled and experienced criminal lawyers. We have helped numerous clients obtain a not guilty verdict, or lessen the charges to avoid maximum punishment. In some cases, we are able to negotiate a plea bargain, or avoid incarceration by accepting probation and substance abuse treatment – but only a knowledgeable Seattle drug crime criminal attorney can help you get it.

Successful Criminal Defense of DUI Charges

Some of the DUI related cases we have successfully represented in Seattle and throughout Washington State include:

Our Washington State DUI lawyers have successfully handled both misdemeanor and felony DUI cases. We investigate every case, challenge prosecutors’ evidence, question witnesses, and build a convincing defense. We will use all of our resources to pursue a positive conclusion in your DUI case. Contact our law offices today to learn how we can help.