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A "computer crime" is any crime committed with the use of a computer or similar technology. Even traditional crimes such as theft or stalking can be prosecuted as computer crimes if technology was involved.

Computer crime is a quickly growing area of criminal activity—so quick in fact that the laws have a hard time keeping up with the different methods and forms of such crimes. If you or someone you love has been implicated in a case of computer crime, it is important to appoint a Seattle Criminal Lawyer as soon as possible to protect your rights.

Because the laws may not be developed enough to specifically mention the crime you have been accused of, the prosecution will use every tactic available to achieve a guilty verdict.

Our Seattle Criminal Lawyer Will Aggressively Defend Your Rights

We know that you are innocent until proven guilty even if the prosecution sees it another way. As a citizen of this country, you have rights and it is our intention to see that those rights are protected. We will look for opportunities to question the validity of the charges against you.

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